• Guest Text Request System with ‘Up Next’ Alert

    August 3, 2019 | News
  • File this under the ‘HOLY CRAP that’s cool’ category. Your guests can now text their requests directly to us, and we’ll text them back when their song is next.

    One of the problems DJs have endured since the dawn of time is ensuring the guest who requested a song is in the room when it’s played. Unfortunately, with dozens and dozens of guests and requests, this has been virtually impossible…until now.

    Our new system lets guests text their request to the DJ. While we won’t use your guests’ phone numbers to spam them (or sell their numbers to Nigerian Princes), we will use their numbers to send them a text alert when their song is next. That gives them plenty of time to get back to the dance floor and enjoy the song they requested.

    This is just one of the many (many, many, many) little things we here at You Had Me At I Do provide to ensure that your wedding day is absolutely incredible. Is it necessary? No. Is it critical to the success of the day? No. Is it insanely cool and useful? Absolutely! This isn’t something we have to do and this isn’t something anyone else does. We do it because it will make your wedding just a little bit better for your guests, and that’s simply what we are passionate about.