• Wedding Ceremonies

  • You have a very simple decision to make. Do you want an Officiant who will read a pre-written ceremony and insert your names, or do you want an Officiant who will create your perfect ceremony just for the two of you?

    Your story is unique!  How you met, why you fell in love, when you knew you'd found the one, why you want to get married, where you see yourselves in the future - we want to make sure your ceremony tells your story!  All you have to do is help us get to know you a little better and we'll create the perfect ceremony for you.  Include what you'd like, leave out what you don't, it's all about what you want your ceremony to be!

    Depending on the package you choose, your Officiant will:

    • Create a completely customized ceremony just for the two of you including a completely customized Message to the Bride & Groom that talks about how the two of found each other, why you fell in love, and where you see your lives going.
    • Conduct a full rehearsal to make sure everyone not only knows what to expect but also what to do on the big day. Your wedding is almost like a theatrical production - practice is important!
    • Coordinate the big day to make sure all the right people are in all the right places at all the right times. You won't need to stress over the logistics - your Officiant will have it covered.
    • Masterfully deliver your perfect ceremony.
    • Submit the marriage license to the county Register of Deeds to have it recorded.

    We don't expect our couples to be experts and we won't leave any of the important things unplanned or unmanaged. Relax - we have it covered! All you have to do is show up and we'll take care of the rest.