• Rehearsal Only Services

  • Our rehearsal only services ensure your friend or family officiant is able to deliver the perfect ceremony while we prep everyone for the hundred other little things.

    Having a close friend or family member officiate your ceremony is, in our opinion, far better than hiring someone like us to officiate. While we strive to make your ceremony sound like we’ve known you for years, it’s better if it’s done by someone who actually has! Not having a professional do the officiating, however, comes with its own potential huge issues. That’s why we offer ‘rehearsal only’ services.

    A wedding officiant does far (far, far) more than just write and recite a ceremony. There are a hundred little details that must be not only planned for but also practiced. Seating of the parents, the processional, where everyone stands, how everyone stands, who fluffs the train, who handles the rings, who handles the bride’s bouquet, how the unity ceremony is done, framing the perfect first kiss, the recessional – all of these things need to happen perfectly and they all need to be rehearsed. That’s something your friend or family member just doesn’t have the experience to handle.

    We, on the other hand do. So, starting with the 2023 wedding season, we’re now offering our ‘rehearsal only’ services for everyone! You can choose whomever you’d like to officiate. We’ll attend and run the rehearsal just like we would if we were officiating, coaching everyone (including your home-grown officiant) through their jobs and their positions. Your chosen officiant will be the only person running the wedding on your big day – we’ll just have made sure everyone is prepared for it. It truly is the best of both worlds!

    We only charge $100 for this service – the same amount we charge for a rehearsal for our regular clients; no price-gouging here. We’re just happy to help. The only caveat is that we’ll have to schedule your rehearsal around our regular clients’ rehearsals (but that shouldn’t be an issue).

    Please reach out to us if you’d like more information on this brand-new service!