• Ceremony Resources

  • Planning your ceremony doesn't have to be difficult!  When you book with us, we'll help you through the process.  Or, if you're more of a 'do it yourself'-er, click or tap any item below for a few options and suggestions.

    Music played while everyone is being seated

    Music played while wedding party and bride enter.  The party and bride can have the same song or the bride can have her own.

    Welcome (nonreligious) or Call to Worship (religious)
    Minister welcomes everyone and invites all to take part in the ceremony of Holy Matrimony.

    Opening Prayer (Invocation)
    The minister asks God to be present for the ceremony and to give His blessing on the union

    Giving the Bride Away
    Father (or other important person) gives the bride to the groom

    The Charge to the Bride & Groom
    The officiant addresses the bride and groom directly, asking if they're certain that they wish to be married

    Betrothal (The Pledge)
    The officiant asks if the bride & groom are present of their own free will and ready to be married.

    Readings - Religious or Nonreligious
    One or two passages read by selected friends or family members

    Message to the Bride & Groom
    The officiant talks to the bride and groom about what it takes to have a successful marriage

    This is the central focal point of the ceremony. It is at this time that the Bride & Groom make their promises to each other.

    Exchange of the Rings
    Rings are the visible sign of an invisible bond between husband and wife. They are given to each other so that all may see that their heart and soul have been pledged to each other.

    Unity Ceremony
    Unity ceremonies generally create a physical symbol of the union that can serve as a visual reminder of the ceremony.

    "I now pronounce you..." The official declaration by the minister that the bride and groom are married

    Closing Prayer, Blessing, or Benediction
    The officiant offers a prayer or wish for the couple

    The minister introduces the newly-wed couple

    Music played while the Bride, Groom, and the rest of the wedding party leave