• Please Don’t Be Offended if I Don’t Recognize You

  • It’s kind of counter-intuitive in the service industry. You’ve met with your DJ or Officiant and can, at subsequent meetings, easily pick him or her out in a coffee shop full of people. You’d think that, being in the service industry, your DJ or Officiant would easily recognize the two of you.

    This may not be the case, however. But please don’t be offended! We meet with dozens and dozens and dozens of couples every year. Beyond that, we have dozens of people coming up to us after every ceremony to tell us how much they enjoyed the ceremony as well as dozens of people coming up to us during every reception to request music.

    After a while, the faces simply all run together. It’s nothing personal – we just can’t keep the hundreds and hundreds of people we meet every year straight in our minds. Think of us like your crazy Uncle Eddie – we know that you look familiar to us, but we simply can’t remember who you are.

    If you’re meeting with me for a planning session months after booking, please reintroduce yourselves! I’ll probably not be able to pick you out of a crowd but it’ll all come back to me when you remind me who you are.

    Building on this, one of the most awkward conversations I have is with clients from five or 10 years ago who approach me while they’re guests at a current wedding. I feel awful – I know that I know them from somewhere, but I just can’t put all the puzzle pieces together. Once they give me their name and their wedding location, however, it all comes flooding back to me and I’ll instantly remember them!

    So again, please don’t be offended. It’s definitely nothing personal! Cut us a little slack and tell us who you are and it’ll come back to us. We’re always glad to see old friends!