• Should You Meet Before Booking?

  • For most events, it probably isn’t necessary to meet your DJ before booking…as long as the DJ is highly rated on one of the major websites.

    The two main reasons for meeting are 1) to make sure your DJ is a real person and not a scammer and 2) to make sure your DJ’s personality is a good fit. For parties, school dances, and corporate events, personality probably isn’t as important. As long as the DJ is highly rated on a major website, it’s a pretty safe bet that he or she will be great.

    Many couples planning weddings, however, feel that personality is very important. Some are laid-back, some use tons of guest interaction, and some are entertainers. It’s important to find a DJ whose personality will fit your wedding.

    DJs, on the other hand, generally don’t need to meet with clients before booking or even before the event. Planning can all be done via phone calls, emails, or even using their online planning system. The beauty of the internet age is that deposits can be paid online and contracts can be signed online; there’s simply no need to get together.

    The bottom line is that meeting is completely up to you. If you’ll feel more comfortable with a pre-booking meeting, do it! If you don’t feel the need, don’t feel like you have to. DJs are happy to do whatever works best for you.