• We Don’t Run Promotions

  • There is nothing worse than making a major purchase only to find out the price dropped the day after you made it. That’s why we never offer promotions (other than getting half off officiant services if we’re your DJ too). The package price you book today is the same that it would be if you booked tomorrow, next week, or next month.

    Here’s a dirty little secret – because so many couples book shortly after the holidays, some vendors artificially inflate their prices, knowing they’ll be able to book clients for several hundred dollars more than usual. Once the booking frenzy has passed, they start dropping their rates for dates still open, just like a used car dealership with older inventory on the lot.

    We’re not a used car dealership and we feel you deserve better than that. The package price we quote you on January 1st will be the same price we quote every client until December 31st, when we raise our rates for the next year.

    So, if you think we’re a good fit, you can book knowing you’re getting the best possible price we’ll give this year!