• Reschedule Now to Beat the Rush

  • If you have an April or even May wedding, now is the time for you to consider rescheduling. There is a very good chance that we won’t be getting back to normal until early June. That means there will be thousands of couples trying to reschedule. My best advice is to get ahead of this; work with your vendors now to choose a late season 2020 Friday date, off season 2020 date, or even a 2021 peak season date now before everyone else does.

    You can, however, still have a legal 2020 wedding to take advantage of the tax and insurance benefits. Heck; my wife and I decided to get married 26 years ago because we found out we could save money on our car insurance (and yes, over two and a half decades and four kids later, we’re still saving money on our car insurance)!

    If you’re booked with (or choose to book) us, we’ll be happy to do your legal ceremony this year and then have your public ceremony and reception at a later date. Nobody but the two of you and your witnesses needs to know!