• Have to Postpone Your Wedding Until Next Year? I’ll Do a Legal Ceremony This Year for Free!

  • Let’s talk business for a minute. There are many benefits available to married couples; cheaper car insurance, cheaper health insurance, one home instead of two, more favorable tax rates, and many more. Heck – for some, it’s simply setting a good example of not being together before marriage or following similar religious principles. I want to make sure you get all of those…and my services are FREE.

    Here’s the thing. If you were planning on having your wedding this year but can’t due to the current crisis, ask your Officiant if you can do the legal marriage now and ceremonial stuff next year. You shouldn’t have to wait because of circumstances way beyond your control.

    If your Officiant won’t do that for you, give me a call. I’ll do it…for FREE, whether you’ve booked me for your ceremonial wedding or not. The two of you, two witnesses, and me is all it’ll take to legally marry.

    Being the germophobe I am, though, I’ll definitely ask that you bring your own pen to sign the license…you’re not touching mine…and we’ll just do the elbow bump instead of the traditional handshake or hug…