• No Barn Weddings Except…

    July 11, 2020 | News
  • Rustic barn weddings seem like a great option! They appear to be the quintessential and iconic Wisconsin wedding venue. The reality, however is quite different.

    Unless you’re fortunate enough to grab a climate controlled barn like Vennebu Hill in the Dells, Badger Farms Barn in Cottage Grove, or the Barn at Harvest Moon Pond outside Poynette, you are gambling the success of your day on Wisconsin weather. Every Wisconsinite will tell you the same thing; never gamble on Wisconsin weather.

    I’ve entertained at all of the local barns and 90% of the time it’s been absolutely miserable (excluding climate controlled barns). It’s either too hot, too cold, too humid, has too many mosquitoes, has wind whipping through the barn boards, or has rain pouring through the barn boards – it’s just not a good experience for the couple, the vendors, or the guests.

    I don’t want to scare you, but there are a million and one things that can go wrong on your wedding day. The key to a successful day is eliminating as many of those variables as you possibly can! Weather is the biggest variable there is.

    Save yourself a headache – go for a climate controlled space for your wedding. As mentioned earlier, there are barn venues that are still climate controlled. It’s the best of both worlds!

    If your heart is set on a rustic barn without climate control, we’re not the right DJ for you.